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Want a useful document to share with your colleagues and increase awareness  about the underlying principles of effective partnerships and networking for health promotion in schools?

Then take a look at Factsheet 3 from SHE – Schools for Health in Europe network.


How is your school community promoting their good news stories?

Investigate some of the initiatives being promoted by our colleagues SHE – Schools for Health in Europe network.


 Welcome to AHPSA

Would you like your questions about effective approaches to school and student health and well being answered?  

Are you looking for ideas? AHPSA is developing a member’s forum to connect with people working in and with school communities.

Since the Australian Health Promoting School (AHPSA) was initially established, there have been numerous initiatives implemented globally that have involved varies levels of partnerships between education and health.

Over time vast amounts of evidence has been gathered, conclusions drawn and information shared globally.

Various resources have been developed, interventions implemented and extensive number of  case studies and success stories disseminated.

AHPSA’s long term commitment to supporting the health and well being of children in school communities has been through its strategy of encouraging educational sites to take a whole school approach, with a focus on the whole child.

There is a renewed interest in the Health Promoting Schools approach as educational sites globally investigate how best to prepare their students as lifelong, successful learners and global citizens.

AHPSA plans to be an active player in this movement, helping built networks within Australia and with our international colleagues. Facilitating alliances with other like minded professional organisation will be one way we hope to help built a dynamic learning exchange for members

You may be interested in a archive of Virtually Healthy newsletters, which provide interesting historical content for Health Promotion educators. To see the full catalogue of AHPSA resources, please become a member today!